5 Best VPN for Mac in 2019

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5 Best VPN for Mac in 2019

Many people believe that their Mac OS is completely free from threats; however, this is entirely wrong. Downloading a Mac VPN has become popular now more than before. The reason behind this is that cyber criminals are highly targeting MacBook and Apple computers. The best VPN for Mac would help you remain safe and secure from all kinds of cyber threats.

If you are downloading a VPN for Mac to access websites which are blocked by the government or other people then also it makes real sense. Not every VPN can make a client satisfied because they may not provide the best support and features. If you are confused with choosing the best VPN provider, then we will help you find the best ones:

5 Best VPN for Mac 2019

ProviderPricingRatingMore Info
From $8.32 / month9.8 out of 10Visit Website
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From $2.88 / month9.5 out of 10Visit Website
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From $6.49 / month9.0 out of 10Visit Website
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From $2.99 / month8.8 out of 10Visit Website
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From $1.99 / month8.5 out of 10Visit Website
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ExpressVPN is always on top of our list. Its fast app is spontaneous and easy to use, which provides a one-click option for connecting, along with some wonderful features.  It uses 256-bit encryption, and the app comes with a kill switch and splits tunnelling feature.

The VPN also provides a perfect iOS app and Safari browser extension. Additionally, Express’s advanced features are beneficial for Apple users. ExpressVPN includes speedy and fast VPN servers around 94 countries along with unlimited bandwidth. That is best for those who want to use the VPN for P2P traffic or bypassing content on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. The VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The service provides three price plans, with the 12-month plan offering the best value for money. The packages available are:

  • One month – $12.95 monthly
  • 6-month plan – $9.99 monthly
  • 12-month plan – $8.32 monthly

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PureVPN is a fast and reliable VPN service provider full of features at an affordable price. It offers services to several countries across the world. There are more than 2,000 servers reachable around 141 countries.

PureVPN states that there are no third-parties involved in its service and that it keeps zero logs of your actions. It’s an independent company. It provides features including Kill switch, mobile apps & browser extensions, five simultaneous connections and 24/7 customer support.

PureVPN is well-suited for around 20 devices, which include Mac, and you can log in to five devices at a time.

  • one-month plan $10.95
  • one-year plan $4.08 per month
  • two-year plan $2.88 per month

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IPVanish Best VPN service

The Mac app from IPVanish is a well-designed and offers few options including a kill switch and automatic IP switching. It also provides ultra-speed and will connect you to the fastest server available, it allows P2P, and the downloading speeds are quick too. OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols are maintained, and there’s also decent iOS support and comprehensive reporting of servers, with zero logs of the user’s activities.

IPVanish doesn’t have a free trial but yo get a 7-day money-back guarantee with all three plans. The 1-year plan is best in terms of the value of money. The packages available are:

IPVanish subscription options:

  • 12-month plan – $4.87 per month
  • Three-month plan – $6.75 per month
  • One month plan – $7.50 per month

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NordVPN Service

NordVPN is the best in terms of security. It has a Double VPN technology which passes your data twice through VPNs to keep your data safe.

NordVPN gives Mac users additional options than other providers, including an IVEv2 version of its client available on the App Store, along with an OpenVPN version available straight from the NordVPN site. You also get access to set up to use OpenVPN without connecting any clients manually.

This service is also P2P-friendly and has a strict ‘zero logs’ policy. You get a free 7-day trial period. In other words, NordVPN is one of the most affordable VPN options for your Mac. The packages available are:

NordVPN subscription options:

  • 36-month plan – $2.99 per month
  • 12-month plan – $6.99 per month
  • 1 month plan – $11.95 monthly

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Surfshark VPN Review

One of the most user-friendly VPN is Surfshark, which is also a new addition to the market, offering simple features that support Netflix and BBC iPlayer. You can download and use it for many devices like your Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices, or browsers. It provides 800 servers around 50 countries and unrestricted connections

There are a kill switch, a strict no-logs policy and a Multi-Hop feature to help with confidentiality concerns. Also, it’s based on the British Virgin Islands so outside of the 14 eyes. It offers to kill switch, mobile apps & browser extensions, unlimited simultaneous connections and 24/7 customer service.

Surfshark is very competitively priced. It offers the following packages:

  • 30 days – $12.95/month
  • Two years – $2.49/month
  • Three years – $1.99/month
Get Surfshark VPN

The Strengths Associated with a VPN for Mac

For people new to using a VPN, I am sure you have no idea about the benefits of using it on your Mac device. In this section, I will try my best to provide you with the best benefits of using a Mac VPN.

A VPN for Mac protects all the data you share or download from the internet. It encrypts all data by the robust encryption protocols and makes sure no hacker can access it. If by chance a hacker attempts to hack and steal your data, he will only be encrypted thrash nothing else ever.

A VPN allows you to access any server available by your VPN provider. VPN providers usually have servers from all around the world, so that means you can use any server and get past the barriers of geo-restricted websites with ease. This means no more problems in watching the content or viewing any blocked website no matter whichever region it is.

The truth is that the NSA and GCHQ can at any time trace your IP and find your location. Well, VPNs can solve this threat as well. When you connect to the VPN, your real IP will be replaced with an artificial IP of the server you connect to so that no when can trace it and find out where you are. This means complete privacy from the cyber world.

With the Mac VPN, you can access public Wi-Fi Hotspots and not feel endangered from the hackers. Even your internet service provider won’t be able to monitor your online traffic as you will be entirely anonymous to the cyber world.

VPN is a lifesaver for all diehard fans of Netflix and Hulu in the situation if you have to visit a country where they are blocked. Many countries have blocked YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter and in China, Iran and Turkey you cant even use your Gmail. For this VPNs will help you in these countries. Don’t miss any of your favorite shows now no matter your region by using one of the best VPNs for Mac.

Why You Need a VPN for Mac

Nowadays, due to the strict laws in the cyber world, VPNs have become a necessity for internet users. A statement is also being circulated in on social media sites that you can’t trust the major multi-nations tech giants of the world as they are considered spies and working with NSA and GCHQ to keep a watch on us.

Hackers are always ready for an opportunity to strike and hack personal data. Some just want access for our personal data, while others want to destroy our security and destroy our identity.

We commonly connect to public Wi-Fi in public places like coffee shops, shopping malls and even in restaurants. Not for a second, we have ever thought that we are offering a bone in a plate to the hackers.

Wi-Fi hotspots can be created by anyone. It can also be a hacker viewing all our personal data. The hacker can also harm us financially by this as with his expert tools; he can easily see our monetary transactions and hack it.

For all these issues, there is only one solution, a Mac VPN. With a VPN for Mac, you can hide your IP from all the hackers and work securely without any info being leaked. Thanks to the secure VPN encryption protocols hackers cannot access our data no matter how hard they try.

By chance, if a cyber-goon gets access to your data, then you don’t have anything to worry about because thanks to the highly encrypted protocols they will only get their hands on trash. VPN uses L2TP/IPsec (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol OpenVPN PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) for your protection.

Thanks to the 128-bit and 256-bit encryption, the security level of your session will be at top levels. Mostly all VPN providers offer a VPN for Mac app. The VPN providers also have a no-logs policy that means you don’t have to worry about them keeping your data because they don’t. So now you’re free to share files and secure your device from the cyber world.

Final Words

Mac-friendly VPNs are a bit difficult to look for. Having a useful Mac VPN is essential in terms of merely making things easier. Reliable iOS support should be available in any VPN server you choose.

Most importantly, you need robust security with secure encryption and easily understandable privacy policy that makes it crystal clear what data the provider keeps. Proper performance levels are essential, as well.

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