The Best VPN for China to Have During Your Stay in the Country

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Best VPN for China

As we all know China has limited its access to different websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. Due to which Chinese people need to use other available options like Sina, Weibo, Youku and Renren. Similar to other apps, Flipboard is also on the list. However, the local version still works smoothly. In order for a user to get complete access to all the top sites, they must use the best VPN for China.

China – Biggest jail for Internet users

The Chinese government has taken complete control over the timing and content offered online. All credit goes to the Golden Shield Project.

As stated by reporters, China is known as the biggest Jail in the world for its Internet Users. A report said that about 2 million people are part of the online policy. Their main aim is to stop all the illegal content and to limit the access of any website that does not follow the rules. Also, those who don’t support policies set by the state, reducing the risk of any cyber-crime. To be able to get past the geo-restrictions you have to use a VPN that works in China.

5 Best VPN to Use In China 2019

ProviderPricingRatingMore Info
From $8.32 / month9.8 out of 10Visit Website
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From $2.88 / month9.5 out of 10Visit Website
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From $6.49 / month9.0 out of 10Visit Website
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From $2.99 / month8.8 out of 10Visit Website
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From $1.99 / month8.5 out of 10Visit Website
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Express is the most reliable VPN service provider because of its highly active and responsive support staff. The support staff is present 24/7 to facilitate valued customers. With servers in 160+ cities of 94 countries and high compatibility ExpressVPN is an easy to use and perfect for newcomers. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you dont like the service you can always get your money back.

ExpressVPN costs $8.32/month, and even though it has a higher price compared to other VPNs for China, it’s worth it with unlimited speed and bandwidth and complete privacy. It has all the top protocols supported keeping all your data encrypted. – Sounds like an excellent VPN to use in China to me.


As you are aware that China has the worst and most strict censorship laws, the citizens of this country and the foreign visitors are fed up with these policies. Because, when you’re in the county neither your Facebook will work nor you’re Google. The best way is to subscribe to PureVPN. It only costs $2.88/month and gives you one of the broadest server spread and the best support system. The zero logging policy will keep all your data safe and make sure it doesn’t get past the significant protocol. They also support P2P file sharing. That means you don’t have to miss your favorite movies and TV shows from channels like Netflix and HBO Go.

PureVPN is one of the cheapest VPN service providers in the market. However, just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean it offers any less service compared with other VPN providers. PureVPN gives its customers a 24/7 live chat and 31-day money back guarantee.

IPvanish VPN

IPvanish provides three different packages for all of its customers monthly, quarterly and yearly. It gives the most discounts on its annual premium offer. It also allows its customers a free trial of 3 days. IPvanish has over 40,000+ shared IP’s, 500+ VPN servers in 75+ countries which give you a wide choice of whichever server you wish to connect to. It has provided excellent performance for all subscribers so far. It also has a very responsive support system that will solve all your problems.


NordVPN is owned by Tefinkom co S.A. This is a Panama based organization where there are no necessary data retention laws. It has been running in the IT industry since 2012. Also, is among those VPN service providers who have achieved international recognition over the past years. It supports all major operating systems and is an excellent VPN that works China.

NordVPN has around 5200+ servers in 60+ countries which enable you to view blocked sites and have complete freedom while using the internet. It provides you with double encryption and is compatible with all types of operating systems. NordVPN has a strict log policy keeping all your internet sessions private. It has a package with all services for only a price of $2.99/month.

How does the Firewall work?

China, with the help of its Firewall, stops all the websites which may cause damage to the data of Chinese internet users. This firewall is famous for checking the IP addresses, URLs, and the content of the page that users in China are trying to access. All this restriction can be easily removed by using the best VPN for China.

There are many ways to stop users from accessing any online content. The Chinese government is rigorous in imposing laws against these online websites which are not in favor of Government rules and policies.

Is it Possible for All the VPN Services to run in the Region of China?

Choosing the best VPN for China is not an easy job. The only main issue over here is that users are not aware of which VPN services work in China. As most of the VPNs for China do promise, yet they are not activated in the region so selecting a provider is a tough job.

We all know that the Chinese Government has strict rules to remove all the threatening web pages from its region. It basically wants to stop its users from getting any access to globally working websites. The above-provided list of Best VPN for China are considered the top Service. In addition, they are the only ways in getting complete access to top sites, making sure your identity stays anonymous.

Best VPNs for China Removes Red Flagging

Any online social opinion sharing website is termed as “harmful” and is red flagged. The Firewall restricts these webpages for further checking. Until this website is wholly checked and shows no threat, it is known as a   “False alarm”. However, in case of any danger, the website is added to the blocked list.

There are no standard policies of adding any webpage to the blocked list. As soon as the content of the webpage is considered a threat, it is added to the blocked list for further checking. So this could happen to any website, any time 24/7.

Famous Social Media and Web pages are Inaccessible in China

In China, users won’t be allowed to use Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Word Press, Sound cloud, Instagram. Etc. In order to get full access to these websites, you must get your hands on the best VPN for China. The VPN will hide your IP with another one to make you invisible. If the user is living in the state of China who wants to access the whole network, then we suggest getting connected to either a USA or UK server.

Business Owners – Is This Restriction A Threat to them?

If you want to move to China, or set up a new business in China, you won’t be allowed to access any website that has limited access. If you do not have access to any VPN, your IP will not be hidden to access any blocked site. So, a VPN in China is necessary to unblock all sites. Some reports suggested that governments have set some stringent rules in order to increase their productivity within their own area of small traders.

So any user, who wants to go on a trip to China, must have access to the best VPN for business . Also, businesses can create good advertising opportunities on other forums like Alibaba and get access to social media sites which are restricted in the regions of China.

Google, Gmail Services Inaccessible In China

As stated by the vice president of DVN research Zmijewski and Mashable explaining that there exist many ways to restrict the content in the region of China. So In my opinion, limiting the IP address is a cruel thing to do for a user. As all the IPs are blocked, therefore content on the internet remains inaccessible to us all. The report of Google transparency also confirmed the limitation of Gmail as it reported a giant drop of traffic in the region of China. However, the most critical objective as stated by the Google official, and confirmed that at the end there existed no issue at all.

The main issue between Google and China is based on old conflicts. Since 2014, these two giants have been in an argument with each other. As noted earlier most of the services have been limited. Most of the users state that China has only imposed this law to increase its domestic stability. Foreign users try accessing Gmail to run their businesses smoothly.

The Big Picture-Reality

The great firewall of China is supposed to remove all reduction of public opinion across the entire globe. As stated by the China network of internet center of information, China is more significant in the number of internet users as compared to the world which is about 313 million.

Having such open need of internet, the gadgets of China, do not have the same amount of internet access on social media as of a standard, no-restriction state. To remove all connectivity issues, the user must get access to the Best VPNs for China.

Wrap Up

A VPN service will give you complete access to two IPs such as Dynamic and static. The VPN in China also allows the users to hide from those websites which are known as “harmful” and will be blocked by the region of China instantly. Here comes the need for the best VPNs in China.

Using a VPN in China will allow the user to get access to any website without any issue. This means that the Chinese government has complete control over its rules and policies and is very strict in allowing any foreign site to work in their region.

It was also noted that smartphones working in China were not given enough freedom as compared to the ones working in other areas. In order to get complete access in this region user must get its hand on the best VPN for China to ensure a safe, smooth, and faster way to access the internet.


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