Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

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Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has been with us for a long time. Whether we are sick, having a bad day, or just want a break from reality, Netflix proves to be a worthy companion for all occasions. However, deciding what to watch on Netflix when you are bored is a difficult task. This question always occupies our minds when we turn to our screens.

Well, to put an ease to your thoughts, we have gathered a list of some of the best TV shows on Netflix right now. The list includes titles from all sorts of genres such as sci-fi, comedy, adventure, action and a whole lot more. So, come along and have a look at these titles in further detail.

The Witcher

Gaming fanatics especially love this one. They have spent countless hours in front of the screen playing their favorite game, The Witcher. This show of the same name explores this world for fans to enjoy.

For those who do not know anything about The Witcher, Henry Cavill plays the lead role of Geralt of Rivia, who is a solo monster hunter. The story shows Cavill to be a half-breed. Thus, he is on the lookout for a place that accepts him for who he is.

Throughout the show, you will get to see him take on numerous monsters, demons and God knows what else. To assist him in other cast are actors Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, and many others.


Owen Milgrim (played by Jonah Hill) and Annie Landsberg (played by Emma Stone) are two strangers that have many medical problems. They come across one another when trying out an experimental pharmaceutical drug that guarantees to solve all their problems.

Even though the drug is promised to have no side effects whatsoever, the outcome proves to be something else in reality. Watch, as they go on this whole new roller coaster of problems and find out how they tackle them. Other cast members include Sonoya Mizuno, Justin Theroux, among others

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a show that has seen significant fame since its launch in 2016. The show revolves around four young boys and the town where they live. The weird thing about the town is that it is affected by a dark phenomenon that exists in another dimension.

The boys get involved in all this because one of their friends mysteriously disappears one day and now they are on a mission to find him no matter what. They seek the help of the boy’s mother and the local police chief to get the boy back.

Many new and old faces can be seen in this show including Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo. If you are already interested in the show, just go online with a reliable internet connection and have the time of your life. Season 4 of this amazing Netflix Original is set to release in 2020.

Orange Is the New Black

This show sits perfectly on this list as it is the most watch original Netflix series on Netflix. Orange Is the New Black is about a woman who is finally sent to prison for a decade of crimes she committed, one of which includes transporting drug money.

After being convicted, she finds out the realities of going behind bars. She actually finds out that prison can literally be life-changing. The lead role is played by Taylor Schilling, while other supporting cast members include Kate Mulgrew, Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks and many others.

The Umbrella Academy

You may have seen many superhero TV shows, but The Umbrella Academy is something really different. The show revolves around a group adopted siblings who were once child superheroes in their time. Now, they have grown apart, but fate has chosen to bring them back together once again.

When their adoptive father passes away, all of them meet each other once again, but the past isn’t far behind them either. In the show, you will get to see phenomenal performances by Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, and many other great actors.


This fantastic show features the Game of Thrones star Richard Madden as the lead, David. The story shows David as a metropolitan police officer who is assigned the duty of being the bodyguard of the Home Secretary Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes).

As you move forward in the show, you will get to find about David’s personal background, which raises some serious questions. To assist him in other roles are actors such as Sophie Rundle, Vincent Franklin, Ash Tandon, among others.

Start Binging

These are only some of the best TV shows you can watch on Netflix. There are a plethora of titles available for you to watch on it as well.

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