10 Best Sports Games to Play in 2019

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Want to play a sports game? You might be wondering which game to choose? Of course, it’s difficult to choose between tons of sports video game out there. You must check out the list of 10 best sports games which you can play in your free time.

Sports games not just present an energizing opportunity to fulfill one’s own deepest desires on the field of play, in fact, these games give you your chance to perform on the field while sitting on your couch hold your console controller.

NBA 2K19

Publisher: 2K Sports

NBA 2K19 is the most realistic basketball game one can play with amazing graphics. NBA 2k19 was released in 2018. Millions of people have bought this game. It attracts people as it is safe to say that NBA 2K19 has established itself in the higher class of sports video game. 2K sports has genuinely done well to clutch its fanbase.


Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

FIFA 19 is the latest addition in this series. It is the most popular game published and developed by Electronic Arts. This version of FIFA has an updated Manager Mode that allows you to manage your own team. It has jaw-dropping graphics and offers a realistic experience that makes the player indulge in creating ultimate soccer experiences. FIFA is known as one of the best games.

Madden NFL 19

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Madden NFL 19 is also published and developed by Electronics Art. Its amazing features are inspired by competing mate FIFA. Essential moves like twists, jukes, and the capacity to change your speed and hit the hole all look fantastic. The Madden NFL 19 is the latest NFL sports game, and it is also available with enhanced control. EA has worked superbly by letting you feel like you are the player running with the football in your hands for a touchdown!

WWE 2K19

Publisher: 2K Sports

If you are stressed out and love wrestling, you should play this game. The graphics of WWE 2K19 are better than ever. This action-packed wrestling game is perfect for WWE fans as it lets you live the life of a professional WWE superstar. If you are ready to begin your Road to Wrestlemania, then grab this game today and beat down the competition to win your WWE title.

Virtua Tennis 4

Publisher: SEGA

Virtua Tennis is the most incredible tennis game with brilliant realistic features that even the sound of the player is perfect and the racket hitting the ball is realistic. This game is an example of perfection. Virtua Tennis is one of the best sports games, easy to pick up but challenging to master. You can also play with your friends with its multiplayer game mode.

Wii Sports

Publisher: Nintendo

Wii Sports is a fun game for children, teenagers and adults. This motion sensor compatible game can be a great way to enhance your fitness. In addition, you can also play with your friend. In 2007, Wii Sports managed to become the highest selling Wii video game for the year. Challenge them on your next baseball, golf, tennis, boxing or bowling game with Wii Sports.

NHL 19

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

NHL 19 is the official ice hockey game that lets you control your favorite NHL team. It is simple but has an effective design which makes the game more interesting. NHL has a cultural impact, as many Americans play this game.

This page effectively captures the general aesthetic and vibe of playing outdoors. NHL 19 is the better version of other NHL games. If you want to check players and get into fist fights while skating on the ice to score goals, NHL 19 should be on your wish-list this year.

MLB The Show 19

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you want a true-to-life baseball experience, MLB The Show 19 is one of the best sports games to play. New highlights in MLB The Show 19 incorporates another batting position maker, which lets the player make their very own batting position and alter any other individual’s batting position. In addition, this game enables you to see the sport from a closer view as you get have to power to take your favourite team to take the title this year.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Series

Publisher: Activision

It is the greatest and unique skateboard game series. It has a split screen feature allows the player to compete against each other. During this head-to-head mode, you can score style points, race between obstacles, or play tag. It has a variety of moves, tricks and incredible graphic designs, which makes this sports game series more attractive.


Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

UFC 3 is a game of the ultimate fighting championship. It has the new cutting-edge animation technology that makes every move, strike, and combination more realistic, responsive, and rewarding. It has customized a multiplayer option where you and your friend can face off against each other. Players can construct a battlefield to pick up fans, win money to prepare at new exercise centers, and make warmed competitions with different warriors to catch the world’s consideration. In UCF 3, you choose how to battle and how to win various game modes intended for quick, fun battles that are ideal for giving clench hands a chance to fly against your friend.

So which sports games are your favorite? Did we miss any game? If yes, share your feedback in the comments section below.

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