Best Meme Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

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Best Meme Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

Meme Maker apps generally assist and help you in making free memes with just a usage of a picture from your gallery. There are lots of meme generator application on which can be found on Play Store and iTunes store. That will help you easily make memes on your smartphone, including some paid applications. You can easily add funny faces, texts and can also customize texts for free. Few of the meme generator apps will provide guidance on how to create animated GIFs and stickers.

Top Meme Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

Below is the list of meme maker apps for iPhone and androids according to their compatibilities;

1. Memedroid – Meme Maker App

Compatibility – iOS, Android

Memedroid is both a meme generator and a community full of people who enjoys smiling and laughing. The feature of it is inclusive of a rich meme template library along with essential text tools. It also supports uploading your own images and GIFs.

Memedroid application is an excellent resource of new meme templates as the gallery gets continuously updated. The app offers you multi-language support like Spanish, Russian, English, Portuguese, Polish and Italian. The disadvantage of this application is that it crashes several times.

2. Mematic – Meme Maker App

Compatibility – iOS, Android

There is an altogether of 100,000 installs on Google Play of this application which signifies the brilliance of this application. It is designed to create memes with ease and effort freely. So all it remains for you is to add captions and share memes with your options.

There are no picture editing options, but the apps offer essential text formatting tools. Downloading this application will provide you with access to many classic memes where you can add captions.

The user interface of this application is easy and user-friendly, along with having a tenor search option and easy sharing option.

The disadvantages of the application must also be known by the user, which are respectively; the access can be slowed down, all features can be only available if you are opting out for a pro option.

3. InstaMeme 

Compatibility –iOS, Android

InstaMeme is one of the best meme generator applications which allows you to create unlimited memes on your smartphone. You can, later on, share them in your Instagram profile and any images from your gallery can be edited and turned into a meme.

There are a total of 90 memes available on this application.

4. Simple Meme Creator

Compatibility – iOS, Android

Simple Meme Creator is a user-friendly and free meme creating application for android and iOS users. Through its features, you can easily demonstrate new and unique memes. It also offers you the provision of text customization options so that you can add certain texts and photos along with editing the font, size, and color of those photos.

All you have to do is import images from your gallery, and you can then add text for creating memes.

5. Simple Meme Generator

Compatibility – Android

Simple Meme Generator assists you in making high-quality comical GIFs and memes from ordinary images. You can just import the image of the device with just a little add on through adding funny text on the up and bottom.

The advantages are it is simple to use along with the affordability to customize color, text and fonts. The disadvantage is once you use the meme, the watermark is already created.

6. Memeto 

Compatibility – iOS, Android

Memeto is considered as a top-rated and exciting application for creating images on your device. It is a free and user-friendly application with a lot of image editing options like Photoshop.

There are many fresh and unique image editor tools which help in creating funny images for free. All you have to do is just import good images and creating funny images at free of cost.

7. Tumblr 

Compatibility – iOS, Android

As we all know that Tumblr is a social network; therefore you can simply create an account and can post images along with videos on your profile. The application offers a provision of GIF editor and other photo editing options.

Customization of your text is available through the selection of font, size and color as well as stickers to add to your memes.

Alongshore memes, Tumblr also provides you with the choice of discovering memes. Only the criterions remain in putting the images in social media networks before putting them on social media channels.

8. 9GAG 

Compatibility – iOS, Android

9GAG is considered as another popular application which allows you to edit photos and create funny images freely. A huge collection of free background images is enlisted in there so that the creation of funny images on your device remains easy. The creation of funny images and GIFs have never been easier.

Later on, you can save and share those images with anyone on the social networking website.

9. Meme Generator by ZomboDroid

Compatibility – iOS, Android

Meme Generator is also a popular application which helps you in generating memes in your device. There are 1000 memes available on this application with different captions where you can also enjoy free customization. One of the containing features of it helps you in availing editing the hairs of the photos.

It can help you in combining photos and videos along with customizing the text. The best thing about this application is that it enables the control of frame rate, speed and repetition of each gif with a lot of GIFs already available in the library.

10. Memes Maker Pro

Compatibility – iOS, Android

Memes maker pro is a free and user-friendly meme generating application which helps you in creating free, unique and authentic memes in your device. Some enlisted meme templates of it are respectively scumbag steve, success kid and socially awkward penguin.

The app leaves you only to import images from your gallery and add text or edit text, size colour etc.


There are also other meme maker applications for you to see but hope you get the best from the provided choices above.

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