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Best Large SUV

The acronym SUV stands for a sports utility vehicle. It is a category of the vehicle that combines features of passenger cars as well as a sports car that has raised wheel. These vehicles are multipurpose; hence its usage may vary from one country to another. SUV has large size seats and enormous spaces for passengers inside. The comfort level of an SUV is remarkable. Many companies manufacture SUV cars worldwide. Some of them are Dodge Durango, Kia Telluride, Hyundai, Toyota, and Nissan. Purchasing new SUV cars can be confusing because of the availability of a wide range of options. Besides this SUV car being luxurious cars is a high cost, unlike other passenger cars. Therefore, we have planned to share the best large SUV cars of the year with you. 

Classification of SUV cars

SUV can be classified into various subcategories depending on the size of the vehicle. It can be:-

  • Subcompact crossover
  • Compact crossover
  • Midsize cross over
  • Full-size crossover
  • Compact SUV’s
  • Midsize SUV’s
  • Full-size SUV or large-sized SUV

Let us consider the top 5 best large SUV cars that are in high demand these days.

5 Best Large SUV 2020

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Company has launched a new SUV under the name Toyota Highlander and has continued to be the strongest competitor in the SUV category. It is seven seated vehicles, and its interiors are better than its competitors. Toyota is a brand name and manufactures reliable and safest SUV vehicles worldwide. Some features of the car include pedestrian detection, panoramic moon roof, hands-free trunk or lift-gate, and HUD (Heads up display). The cost of purchasing Toyota Highlander might vary between 33708-35720 dollars.

Ford Escape

Ford Company launched a new model of SUV with the name Ford escape in 2020. The latest models of ford SUV have improved powers and fresh design cues. This SUV car has abundant space for passengers and serves as the best family transportation car. Ford’s escape has six varieties that customers can purchase. They are Ford Escape SE, Escape Hybrid SE Sport, Escape SEL, Escape hybrid titanium, Escape Titanium. The price of these models varies from each other. Also, the features have slight differences. Hence one must demonstrate its functionality before purchasing. 

Hyundai Palisade

The Company Hyundai has launched a new model of SUV car with the name Hyundai Palisade. It is an eight-seat configured car that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. These SUV cars have colossal space inside and have luxurious interiors. These cars come with an around-view camera, fast touch screens, start and stop system, which makes it different from other SUV cars. The cost of purchasing a Hyundai Palisade may vary from 32972 dollars to 32895 dollars.

Kia Telluride

Kia has expanded its fleet of cars by launching the Kia telluride SUV car in 2020. It is the biggest crossover SUV car in Kia’s line up. It is stylish and has a large cabin for passengers. It is capable of accommodating eight people and has a spacious interior. Hybrid fuel is unavailable in these models of SUV, but it comes with the latest driver assistant technology. The price may vary from 33060 to 34636 dollars. It is estimated to deliver 20 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway.

Subaru Outback

A new model of SUV car is launched by Subaru Outback, which is built for adventure during the ride. It remains the top choice of people because of their low cost and best features they offer in SUV vehicles. Features like apple car play, rear parking sensors, remote engine start, etc. are some features that are its main attraction. 

Tips for Purchasing the Best large SUV cars

Buying new cars can be confusing, especially when there is a wide range of options available in the market and if the budget is not too high. Everyone wants to have the best-featured car with the latest technology at an economical or cheap price. However, we should understand that luxury cars like SUV have high demand in the market, and hence the cost of such a vehicle is also high. We need to keep a few things in mind before purchasing any SUV cars:-

Fuel type

There are some SUV that uses hybrid fuels. They need high energy for locomotion and need colossal power. Some cars use regular fuel in the form of petrol or Deisal hence that can be economical as well. This feature needs to be considered before purchasing a new model of SUV cars.

Identify your needs

The car that does not fulfill the needs becomes a junk car. In the event, if you are planning to purchase a new SUV, then you must know whether it meets the passenger’s needs or not. Some SUVs are seven seated, while others are eight seated. 

Features of SUV

Some SUV offers basic features that are provided in almost every SUV cars. In case you need any additional features, then that should be identified before purchasing the vehicle. Not all features can come in a single SUV car.

How to Maintain large SUV cars?

Maintenance of the car is the best way to increase the endurance of the vehicle. A vehicle with poor maintenance is more vulnerable to get faulty and needs service repairs. If they are not repaired at the right time, then it might increase the cost of maintenance to the extent that it would become painful for the car owner to carry out the service repairs. One must use the following things to ensure proper maintenance of the car:

Wash your SUV car at regular intervals

Dust or dirt on the vehicle does not look good on SUV. Bing a luxurious car should be appropriately cleaned by washing it with mild detergents or shampoo.

Go for service repairs on time

We often forget the time to get service repairs, and this causes huge trouble afterward. In case you want to keep your SUV in good condition, then you must get it repaired from an experienced SUV service engineer.

Notice the mileage and performance of the car engine from time to time

The performance of the car engine depreciates with time. Hence one must notice the performance of the car engine and mileage of the car from time to time.

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