The Best Fishing Spots in the US to Spend the Weekend

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best fishing spots in the US

Fishing in the USA is seen as a sporting activity as it makes an excellent location for experiencing the thrills that this sport offers. The country is diverse and vast enough for fishing to take place in both summers and winters. The skill or the age of a person does not make any difference when it comes to fishing; be it a young novice fisherman or a seasoned senior in the fishing game. So stop waiting and get going, because tomorrow might be too late to visit one of the best fishing spots in the US .

We are here to list down the ten best of the best fishing spots in the US for you to enjoy your weekend at.

10 Best Fishing Spots in the US for 2021

1. California Delta, California

California Delta, California

The climate in California is mostly warm and mild, so it is excellent for the ones who would want to go to California Delta situated in Northern California. You can perfect your skills here at any time of the year. This place is packed with many piers and river banks, giving you the opportunities to catch fish like the catfish, sturgeon and black bass. The beauty of this location with the many derbies makes it, even more, enjoying for you and your family. The climate and amount of fish here make this one of the best fishing spots in America.

2. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

This is one of the best fishing spots in the US where you will find plenty of Bluefish and Striped Bass. This place is home to the oldest of the tournaments of fishing held in the United States. Depending on the particular area you go fishing, there are chances you will reel various species in fish like a bunker, false albacore, mackerel, and even bonito. Moreover, this area has more than enough of tackle shops near that you needn’t pack much of the fishing gear along with you.

3. Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys is a place where you can visit throughout the year for fishing as it has a 125 miles stretch of long arc islands. The fish species found here are many too. However, the species that place particularly overflow with are bonefish, snook, redfish, and tarpon. Sports Fishing Mag posted an extensive article where all these species found here were listed down.

4. Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Another fishing place in Florida is Charlotte Harbor. The best time considered for fishing in this area is winter; yes, winter! Because of the blend of saltwater and freshwater that this place has from the Gulf of Mexico, Caloosahatchee Rivers and the Peace Myakka; this location can be considered one of the best fishing spots in America.

5. Lake Austin, Texas

Lake Austin, Texas

This location is worth considering when thinking of fishing. This area is much cooler than the rest of the regions that are found within the state of Texas. Although the lake is full of the recreational boaters at daytime and fishing may be hard at that time, during the night you get to have a fair share to this breathtakingly beautiful area.

6. Columbia River, Oregon & Washington

Columbia River, Oregon & Washington

The summer and the spring season would be the best time to hit this region. You will be given access to the different types of fish in this river, from steelhead to sturgeon and even the smallmouth bass. In case you are an inexperienced boater, it will be difficult for you to navigate the waters. Hence in scenarios like this, you should go for fishing from the shore, which in itself is a great option.

7. Kobuk River, Alaska

Kobuk River, Alaska

Grip fishing type, in particular, has gained popularity in the Kobuk River. The Kobuk River is more than 200 miles long, and the species found here range from chum salmon to lake trout, northern pine, arctic char and sheefish.

8. Montauk, New York

Montauk, New York

This place is a beach resort and is well known for fishing in spite of being the East Hampton’s busiest of the tourist locations. Species such as tuna, marlin, dolphin fish and shark can be found in the deep waters of Montauk. Whereas in the shallow ones you get to reel fluke, cod, bluefish, flounders, and mackerel.

9. Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

Even though Minnesota cannot be added into the warmest of the fishing spot list, it sure can make fishing even more adventurous for you with its cold weather and icy waters. North pikes are found in the waters here, and they tend to draw several anglers every single time.

10. Lake Shelbyville, Illinois

Lake Shelbyville, Illinois

This is a very popular angling location of Illinois, especially during the warm days of summer. The fish that this lake is home to are walleye, catfish, crappie, bigmouth buffalo and bass. Carp are found in abundance here. There are two state parks located around this fishing spot too. That means you can spend quality time fishing and relaxing in the parks with your family over the weekend.

Wrap Up

There are numerous other spots for fishing in the USA other than the ones stated above. However, these are the best fishing spots in the US to start from. So do not miss the opportunity to go fishing to the location you find the nearest to your home.

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