Choosing the Best Dump Trucks in the Market

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Choosing the Best Dump Trucks in the Market

There has often been speculation on which is the best dump truck or what is the most popular dump truck brand. Because of the various dump truck manufacturers, choosing the perfect one that suits your needs may prove to be overwhelming. In line with this, below are some of the things that you need to consider in choosing the best and right dump truck in the market.

Body Style

One of the primary things that you need to consider in choosing the best dump truck in the market is its body style. You will be able to find three styles namely the traditional rectangle, half-round, and semi-elliptical. The traditional rectangle is very popular because of its strength and agility. On the other hand, a half-round body style offers a greater payload capacity, as well as a lighter total weight. It also paves the way for a cleaner dump cycle because its shape makes it difficult for the load it is carrying to stick on the floor. Finally, a semi-elliptical body style can be considered as a hybrid between the former two.

Apart from the body style of the dump truck, it is also a good thing to consider its manufacturer. You can never go wrong with a Freightliner, which is the most popular semi-truck brand in the United States. For sure, you will be able to find a Freightliner dump truck for sale at your local dealership. The models that you will find with this brand include the 108SD, M2 106, 114SD, and the 122SD models.

On the other hand, you can also go for Kenworth, which has several models of trucks that can be converted into a dump truck. Some of their most popular dump truck models include the T800, W900, T370, T440, and T470 models. Otherwise, it is also a good idea to consider dump trucks from Peterbilt since both Kenworth and Peterbilt are subsidiaries of PACCAR. The latter manufactures several models of vocational and medium-duty dump trucks. The most popular dump truck models from Peterbilt include the Peterbilt 389, Peterbilt 567, Peterbilt 367, Peterbilt 348, as well as the Peterbilt 337.

Alongside this, you also need to choose the right dealership, while keeping in mind that no two dealerships are made exactly the same.

Body Metal

In choosing the appropriate body metal, you need to think about the primary nature of the task that the dump truck will be used for. For instance, a steel body metal is ideal if you are hauling abrasive materials such as asphalt, gravel, and concrete. The types of steel, in this case, can be made up of different kinds of grads, ranging from A-36 until AR-500.

On the other hand, think about getting a dump truck with an aluminum body metal if you won’t be loading abrasive materials such as those mentioned above. Aluminum offers a greater payload capacity and protection from corrosion. However, it also costs more than steel.


You need to match the load that you will carry to the engine of your dump truck accordingly. This is to ensure that you are neither under nor overpowered. In case you buy a dump truck with an engine power of 600HP, you may be buying one with horsepower that you may not actually maximize. On the contrary, if you buy a dump truck with an engine power of only 300HP, you may not have enough to drive your haul.


Generally, you can choose between a manual or an automatic transmission. The former brings for a wide range of gear options which allows more maneuverability. On the other hand, an automatic transmission may cause less operator fatigue, particularly during long haul jobs. Nevertheless, you can also go for a hybrid of the two wherein a manual transmission is integrated with an automatic transmission. A hybrid transmission set up is increasingly becoming more popular as drives get to have the benefits of both transmission systems. 

Axle Requirements

To choose the best dump truck in the market, you also need to consider the number of axles in your truck, which can possibly restrict it on certain highways or bridges to preserve the latter. A dump truck with more axles is heavier compared to one with less. This means that it can cause larger damage on public highways and bridges because of its overall weight.

To wrap things up, the factors listed above are only some of the things that you need to consider in choosing not only the best dump truck in the market but the right one appropriate for your needs as well. Rest assured that with all the available configurations for various types of applications, there will always be a dump truck that will deliver what you are looking for. The key is in exerting extra effort to explore all of your options.

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