Best Bikes for College Kids

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Best Bikes for College Kids

Bicycling is an ideal way to get around a college campus. Students can hop on city bikes to make a quick commute between class buildings during the day or to speed to make it to a lecture on time in the morning. Riding a bike also means avoiding fees for a parking pass or metered space while you’re on campus for the day. Cycling has also been shown to help maintain good health and reduce stress.

So what’s the best type of bike for a college student? Beach cruisers, electric bikes or hybrid bikes all make great options for getting around campus on two wheels.

Ride in Style on a Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers offer a comfortable ride and retro style. The best beach cruiser bikes for sale put the rider in an upright position, keeping you cozy as you cruise across campus. Cruisers are best for relatively flat, paved surfaces. If your campus has a few rolling hills, look for a 7-speed or 21-speed option that will make those hills easier to climb. Students attending college on coasts can enjoy weekend rides on beach cruisers to socialize with friends and beat the stress of studying.

Get a Boost on an E-Bike

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, come equipped with a small rear motor to give riders an extra boost. Most models allow the rider to choose between three modes: pedaling only, an electric assist to give your pedaling extra power, or a full-power mode that relies solely on the motor. For students who live further away from campus, riding the best electric bike is an alternative to driving to campus in a car or waiting for the next bus. E-bikes are also a nice option for campuses with hilly terrain. You’ll be able to cycle to class without breaking a sweat, thanks to a little electric assistance. Be sure to research your bike’s mileage and recharge regularly.

Get Adaptable on a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes, also known as city bikes, can handle a wide range of surfaces. With a medium-width tire and adjustable gears, hybrid bikes offer speed, stability and options for cruising on flat surfaces or climbing small hills. If you’re attending college in a town with both hills and flat stretches, a hybrid bike is a good choice. They come at a wide range of price points and styles, so you can find the best fit for your needs. Look for a model with a lightweight aluminum frame, to make maneuvering around campus and storing your bike a breeze. Many hybrids also come with options to add fenders and racks, making for a more comfortable commute.

No matter what style of bike you choose to take with you to college, be sure to pick up a few key accessories. A well-fitted helmet, front and back lights for night riding and a sturdy lock are all important to keeping you and your bike safe through the semester. When you’re ready to pick out your new bike, look for a trusted vendor of city bikes and bike accessories to find the best selection and quality.

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