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Amazon Prime Video, like any other online streaming service, is an excellent platform for people who love to spend their nights and weekends watching awesome movies. In addition, almost all the Amazon Prime movies are handpicked by the publishers who make their media library pretty awesome.

The purpose behind launching Amazon Prime back in 2005 was to give loyal customers extra benefits for their love. Though you have to pay a reasonable and affordable subscription, you can enjoy services like next day delivery, prime video and much more. Here are the current pricing plans for Amazon Prime subscribers:

  • Prime video: $8.99/month
  • Prime (monthly): $12.99/month
  • Prime (annual): $119/year

Anyone with the subscription of Amazon Prime has access to watch hit Amazon Prime TV Shows and Movies. All the genres are available on Amazon rather its Comedy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Action, Drama and some.

10 Best Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime:

Check the list we’ll be sharing with you of the best movies on Amazon Prime that you should add in your watchlist today!

The Cold War:

The cold war was directed by Pawel Pawlikowski ­- who depicts the story of the passionate love between two lovers with a different background. Though they were fatefully mismatched, and they couldn’t be together as it was set against the scene of a cold war of the 1950s in Paris, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Berlin.

Manchester By the Sea:

Loss and grief are the example of Manchester by the sea in which sum of its impact is greater by the individual scenes, directed by Kenneth Lonergan. Lee Chandler, the leading character of the movie, appear as a loner who works as a handyman for the Boston Apartment.

One day while he was working, he gets a call to come back to his hometown due to the death of his brother, and he is being named as a guardian for his 16 years old nephew. Doubt about raising a child and losing a sibling was not enough as there was also some past tragedy that makes him more depressed. Therefore, he always goes to his home town when he receives a call from his brother. His break up with his wife, Randi and memory of the incident, make him emotionally weak to return to Manchester.

Eighth Grade:

Eighth grade is a story of a teenage girl in high school facing a lot of issues while she was in the last week of eighth grade. Bo Burnham directional debut is a compelling concoction of angst, reinvention, awkwardness, and self-loathing. He was famous during his teen through YouTube by riffing on his insecurities.

His unique way of telling the story of Kayla was released in 2018. He turned his story in a movie where a female leading actress Kayla becomes the YouTuber at the age of 13. To express herself, she makes advice blogs. In reality, she is an introvert around her single father and peers, carrying most of her conversation on Instagram or YouTube. Her videos give insights on her dreams and inner hope muck like a motivational diary.

First Reformed:

First Reformed is one of the crowing works done by one of the American cinemas and was released in 2017. A taxi driver writer Paul Schrader writes and directs the story in which Ethan Hawke plays an alcoholic protestant pastor experiencing a psychological and spiritual crisis. He is the pastor at the historic first reformed church in New York which is also seen as tourist church.

A Quiet Place:

The film was directed by John Krasinski and was released in 2018. It is a horror movie where parents do everything to save their children from the monster where they don’t even hear the voice of the monster. In short, they were forced to live in the silence to save their life, but it takes only one noise, and all will be destroyed.


Ladybird was released in 2017 directed by Greta Gerwig. It is the best hit comedy movie. The performance of Saoirse Ronan (as rebellious teen Christine McPherson) and Laurie Metcalf (as her mother) made this film worthy of watching. Christine student of high school facing difficulty in academics and various stages of love with two different boys. Figuring out how to deal with her mother, maintain her relationship with her best friend, and how to find the truth about her lover. While her mother is busy handling her relationship with her husband and dealing issues with her stubborn daughter.  It is one of the best movies to watch.


Ari Aster is the director of hereditary, which was released in 2018. It is the most famous and one of the best movies on Amazon Prime. The movie falls into the horror genre. The movie is full of family battles, claustrophobic crafting and some elements of the best acting that you have ever come across.

Toni Collette as Annie, the main leading actor of this movie. In the movie, she experienced many domestic traumas throughout her life, not for her children, but the art gallery. Though Annie Graham was in pain and disturbed after the death of her mother. It is the scariest movie, which is proven to be a highly powerful method of incurring insomnia.

You Were Never Really Here:

Lynne Ramsay’s crime flick stars Joaquin Phoenix as a troubled hitman with a dark past. Phoenix plays Joe, an ex-FBI agent and military man, working as a gun for hire. He spends most of his time battling sex trafficking cartels. In this thriller, Joe is hired to save a Senator’s daughter from a brothel.

However, this house is popular for high-end clientele. Also, this job puts the ex-agent in the center of a conspiracy. He loses everything and ends this so-called war in bloodshed. Though this action-packed movie is loaded with brutal killings, Ramsay managed to showcase Joe as the icon he is and not his way of finishing his jobs. You’ll definitely need to grab popcorn for this Amazon movie.

A Ghost Story:

A Ghost Story is a supernatural drama film and is known to be one of the best horror movies available on Amazon Prime Video. The film revolves around a man who turns in to a ghost and lives in the house he shared with his wife. As the story moves on, he also finds out that his wife is seeing someone else. His actions as a ghost eventually scare off the wife and later a family that moved in after. The plot is a message that signifies the importance of life and how things change over time.

The Big Sick:

The big sick was released in 2017. It is the comedy and an Oscar nominee for best screenplay movie. Comedian Kumail Nanjiani along with his lover and a comedy writer Emily V. Gordon created a romantic comedy film the big sick based on their real-life love story. The movie begins with Kumail Nanjiani, where he wanted to set up his career.

After one-night stands with Emily and later in a relationship, the two-faced a lot of problems. Kumail’s parents wanted him to settle with a Pakistani woman, making them break up with each other. After starting dating due to an infection, Emily falls into the coma while visiting her to the hospital Kumail met her parents, learning more about them and Emily but of course not the way to meet his future in-laws, right?


All of the movies are listed above are equally interesting, so grab some popcorn, find your favorite spot on the couch and enjoy all these on Amazon prime. Do let us know which one you found more appealing as Amazon prime has eclectic collection movie that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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