10 Best Adventure Games for 2019

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best adventure games 2019

The adventure game genre developed in the 1970s and 1980s  has got a lot of fame now. Initially, the games were based on texts, but now the amazing and creative graphics leave you inspired.

The best adventure games allow you to test your analytical skills and help you grow those. So, if you wish to have a good collection of this genre, follow the blog.

Best Adventure Games of 2019

Following are the best adventure games for 2019:

Dark Souls: Remastered

Astounding cinematography and a pretty good. The tale of this game is about old times when the surface of the world was surrounded by fog. The world was under the rule of eternal dragons. Everything was under control and balance until the time the fire broke out.

The fire caused other creature, namely humanoids, to wake up. In these flames, the humanoids found the souls of the lords, which granted them great powers. You are in an asylum and considered to be undead. You have to relight the fire and unleash the hidden secrets of the area. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, that’s the reason to include it in the best adventure games of this year.

  • Date of Release: 24th May 2018
  • Developer: Bandai Namco
  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, Xbox ONE, MS Windows

Sea Of Thieves

We all have grown up listening to or watching to the stories of pirates. How about we play one? The game is not about the pleasant things about sailings; instead, if you ever wondered pirates are the lucky ones, then get your hands on this game and experience yourself as a pirate. What you have to do as a pirate is you have to collect the gold. The more gold you collect, the better it is for you. As a pirate, you do not have to collect loot, but also you also have to fight from people.

  • Date of Release: 20th March 2018
  • Developer: Rare
  • Compatibility: Xbox One, MS Windows


This is a story of a young girl, Madeline, who wants to climb up the mountain. Despite her granny warnings and Mr Oshiro’s attempt to stop her, she did not stop. Madeline ended up with Theo, who is a hiker as well. They both went to Gondola (chairlift) and began to explore the new world. Now you have to help Madeline in fulfilling her dream. You have to keep her safe from every obstacle on the way. Madeline can jump, climb and perform a mid-air dash. You can unlock to more powers as you go up the level.

  • Date of Release: 25th January 2018
  • Developer: Matt Makes Games
  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, Macintosh

Days Gone

The story revolves around three people, Sarah, her husband Deacon and his friend Boozer. All of them are struggling to save themselves from a contagious virus that has spread. This virus changed humanity to cannibalism. Sarah is stabbed and badly hurt. According to SIE Bends Studio’s Emmanuel Roth, “Our game is not about saving the world.

Deacon will not be the hero finding the solution to this pandemic. The pandemic is something that hit people in the world. They don’t know where it came from. One thing’s for sure: survival is not [merely] living.” You will have a lot of weapons to complete the task and Deacon’s bike can also assist you; it can be transformed into a high-speed motor-bike. The story of the game is what led it to be one of the best adventure games in 2019.

  • Date of Release: 25th April 2019
  • Developer: SIE Base Studio
  • Compatibility: PS4

Mega Man 11

Dr Wily, an ill-minded scientist, is planning to attack on robot society, yet again. He had previously been stopped to work on his invention that will enhance the robotic powers. After getting done with his work on Double Gear System, Dr Wily has stolen 8 of Dr Light’s robots to infuse the system into them. Now Dr Light decided to install this Double Gear’s prototype to his robot, Mega Man to stop Wily’s harmful intentions. The new series, however. Allowed Mega Man to have a new set of abilities and skills like “Power Gear” to have a more powerful shot, “Speed Gear” to slow down the time and now Mega Man can use two charged shots together.

  • Date of Release: 2nd October 2018
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, MS Windows.

Generation Zero

Next on best adventure games for 2019 is Generation Zero. Imagine you returning after a trip and seeing your whole city turned upside down? Well, the story is related to this question. Once a teenager returned after the trip you find strange things, abandoned cars and houses, dangerous mechs wandering around your homeland. You are required, either alone or with a group of 3 people to save the area. What actually led to this situation is the story for you to discover in the game.

  • Date of Release: 26th Feb 2019
  • Developer: Avalanche Studios
  • Compatibility: MS Windows, PS4, Xbox One

The Occupation

It is the time of 1987 in North West, England. A time of political unrest. During the time an explosion caused a variety of controversies to rise. You are to work with an investigative officer and look out for the clues for this massive explosion. Let’s see where the game takes you. Will you be able to find the culprit? To know, just go and play it!

  • Date of Release: 05th March 2019
  • Developer: White Paper
  • Compatibility: PS4, Xbox ONE, MS Windows

Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka With Love

The game tells about a journalist who visited Matryoshka for the very first time. The place has so many secrets for a journalist to discover. From your comfort zone, the journalist has to dive into an entirely new place. You being the journalist has to look out for what the country has to offer you. It is a satirical click and point game and based on classic adventure games.

  • Date of Release:16th May 2019
  • Developer: Artifex Mundi
  • Compatibility: Linux, Mac, PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Heaven’s Vault

You’re playing the role of an archaeologist, accompanied by a robotic friend. You and your friend “sail” between planets and moon to search for missing robotic scientist, Professor Janniqi Renba. You have to find and collect inscriptions from artefacts and learn and discuss the ancient hieroglyphic language with other characters. An exciting story with excellent graphics, the game revealed.

  • Date of Release: 16th April 2019
  • Developer: Inkle
  • Compatibility: MS Windows, PS4

 Ghost Giant

Among the best adventure games is Ghost Giant. As the name suggests, the story is about a ghost. The ghost is befriended with a little boy Louis. You, as the ghost, need to help Louis with every single thing. In addition to that, you will be exploring the city of Sancourt and help its citizens too. The game offers a uniquely created dollhouse with many hidden secrets.

  • Date of Release: 16th April 2019
  • Developer: Zoink Games
  • Compatibility: PS4.

Final Verdict

It is the quality of the best adventure games to give a story to keep you going. These games, unlike other genres, provide you with a sense as to why you should keep playing. I hope the list is as interesting for you as it is for me. Hope you enjoy the best adventure games of this year.

Ajiya Sohail is a student and a blogger by passion. She is a keen learner and passionate to pen down her thoughts, and share her life experiences with the world. Apart from that, she is also a talkative person who always has the potential to become the center of attraction. She loves to travel, watch cooking shows and hang out with friends any time of the day.

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