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The service of Amazon Prime has been used by many people now as compared to when it first began offering the prime members free movies and TV shows years ago. There are numerous downright excellent series available for you to watch on amazon prime on a lazy day home. With that in mind, today we have put together a list of the top 10 Amazon Prime TV shows that you need to watch. All these Amazon videos are worth your time.

Amazon includes a fantastic television line-up like the HBO GO’s entire back catalog. So get yourself together for some serious binge-watching.

1. Fleabag

This show is one of the best British contemporary comedies you will get to see in all your life. It is such a great script that is brilliantly acted by Phoebe Waller primarily.  Being a wonderfully fresh and honest comedy show Fleabag will make you laugh and touch you at the same time. It is merely something that you would definitely want to binge-watch.

2. Frasier

It is kind of a show that easily becomes your favorite. It is a light and refreshing sitcom with all the hilarious antics, romantic twists and turns, amazing coworkers and uppity remarks. Fraiser is one of the shows that everyone can relate to one way or another. Also, it will, for sure, offer you tons of laugh in each and every single one of its episodes.

3. The Night Manager

Based on John Carre’s novel, The Night Manager is a crime drama. It is quite a good thriller which ensures to give you edge of the seat experience. It is a fast-paced good mini-series that never brings a dull moment. The plot is perfect, and so is the background score and direction. Also, the fantastic cast of this show has successfully done brilliant work, and it shows. In a nutshell, this is the show that is long enough to keep you interested yet short enough to keep the thrill and the essence of it.

4. Jack Ryan

The character of Jack Ryan was first introduced by the author Tom Clancy in the book series and was later brought onto the big screen I some films. Finally, it is featured in an episodic series with Ryan’s character being played by John Krasinski. It is an original thriller series of Amazon. In this series, all the characters are complex, flawed and thoroughly flushed out. More importantly, the show has a multidimensional approach to it, which helps you get everybody’s point of view. Also, all the actors in this show have justified their roles to the fullest, which lights up the drama, action, and mystery even more. Definitely worth a watch!

5. Friday Night Lights

This is an American drama TV series that is inspired by H. G. Bissinger’s nonfiction book of 1990 with the same name. Without any exaggeration, Friday Night Lights is a great show to watch because of its characters and fantastic storyline. You could easily add this show to the top of the best sports-drama TV series until now.

6. Homecoming

Homecoming is based on a podcast created by Eli Horowart and is an American Psychological Thriller. This series plays with your mind and is one of those shows that make you think ‘what if…’ although it is a little slow at times, it sure does give you thrills with the acting, the effects and the angles of the camera; must say that it is very nicely edited. The composition of music is awesome too.

7. Six Feet Under

Produced by Alan Ball, Six Feet Under is an American TV show spanning five seasons and 63 episodes in total. What is unique about this show is that it teaches you about many things in a person’s life, death and relationships. It also shows how everything is impermanent in life, and you just cannot cling to anything for long. If you wish to invest your time into watching something that has the power to change you by making you acknowledge the essential lessons in life, then you must go and watch this show right away.

8. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a political satire TV sitcom. It is kind of similar to The Office but of course, is much more perfect for you to have a good laugh, as is a comedy for all age groups. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the characters from the very first episode. Amy Poehler is brilliant throughout the series.  It is simply a must-watch Amazon video.

9. Veep

This is a political satire comedy TV series that was first aired on HBO in April 2019. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the character of the protagonist in the show and is the fictional vice president in Veep. This series is a perfect combination of authentic, serious, real-life politics and dark humor. It will take two or three episodes for you to adjust to it, but once that’s done, you will be sticking it onto the list of your favorite shows without a second thought. This Amazon video is perfect for the weekend.

10. The Americans

The Americans is a period spy thriller TV show consisting of 6 seasons and were created for the FX television network. This show takes you back to a world that is left behind and enthralls you with their storytelling, drama and of course the wigs, that’s right wigs! Once you start watching you indeed become a fan of this series.

Wrap Up

So these are the TV shows that you should not, for anything in the world, miss out watching on Amazon Prime. With all these 10 Amazon Prime TV shows on your list, you could stream and stream and stream all day and still have a long list to go through. Watch an Amazon video today to experience exceptional entertainment.

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