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Agoda vs

Agoda vs

In today’s world, online hotel reservations have become a very popular method for booking hotel rooms. It has enabled people to make reservations, anywhere, anytime from their smartphones or laptops, as per their convenience. And, Agoda vs is the fight to capture the throne for the best hotel booking service in the world.

With this online hotel reservation system, hoteliers do not have to worry about waiting at the front desk staff to facilitate guest bookings. This system helps to ensure that the guests get to see vacancy when they have room availability. It also helps you to avoid overbooking or double booking. Moreover, when booking online, it sends out an instant booking confirmation to you. This also allows you to modify or cancel bookings as per your requirements easily.

This method lessens the manual workload as it removes manual inputs or maintaining any documents. It also provides the guests with the instants updates of the room rates, room availability et cetera. Most importantly you can be provided with a virtual tour of the hotel on the hotel website; thereby it gives you a better idea about the actual property. That means, if you want to travel to China, Thailand, or any other nation, you can do it with a click of a button., founded in Amsterdam 1996, is the world’s most popular hotel reservations website. It provides trusted services in 41 languages. uses 103 technology products and services including WordPress, Google Analytics and G Suite. Over 750,000 room nights are reserved each day on This website attracts visitors from both, leisure and business sectors worldwide. app, which was first released in 2011, has 5,314,206 monthly downloads. Its website is ranked 56 among websites globally based on its monthly web visitors. Its revenue per annum is $953.3M.

It is also a part of the Priceline Group (PCLN) since 2005. It has access to booking at 600,000+ properties including 245,000+ vacation rental properties, in 212 countries. has 70,000+ destinations worldwide and 155 offices in 50 countries. It has got 8,600 dedicated employees. The customer service is available 24/7. quotes “Our mission is to help leisure and business travelers, whatever their budgets, easily discover, book and enjoy the world’s best places to stay.”

Benefits of Using

Firstly, offers free cancelations on most of the rooms. This a great advantage as it gives you more excellent options when it comes to making any last-minute changes. Being able to cancel without any penalties gives you great flexibility. Secondly, as told earlier, has an app, which makes things easier for the users by giving them a more natural way to search, book, and keep themselves updated on their booked accommodations. Moreover, the app will also enable the users to the free city guide for wherever they are traveling.



Agoda is one of the largest online travel accommodation platforms. It was founded in 2005 and now is a part of Booking Holdings. Also, has a network of over 2,000,000 vacation rentals and hotels worldwide. It provides reservation service in 38 different languages. The employs of this company are over 40,000 professionals belonging to 70 different nationalities around the world. In every department, ranging from engineering to customer experience, they provide an environment rich with creativity, collaboration, experimentation, and the tools to work smarter and faster.

This company is based in Singapore. Agoda Company operates as a subsidiary of It has a network of over one million accommodation properties, including apartments, villas, homes, and hotels backed by 27 million real traveler reviews.

Benefits of Using Agoda

Agoda has a useful search feature and offers secret deals with massive discounts. Agoda lets you sort search results to find the lowest price or the most highly rated hotels for your target dates. Moreover, Agoda is also where you can remove certain types of accommodations, that is in case you are not interested in hotels or resorts; they can be excluded from the results. Agoda also has some features that are uncommon among other booking sites. These include getting emails if the price changed on a hotel that you are thinking about booking. This helps you get the best price when you are planning a trip in the far future.

Comparing & Agoda

Agoda is a good service to book hotels. However, it is not as useful for vacation planning as others that were reviewed. You can search for flights through Agoda, and it will aggregate the results. Also, you cannot purchase a flight and a hotel package through this service, something that offers and can save your time on your travel. Agoda cannot be seen as the best option as you cannot bundle flights and cars together with your lodgings. However, a crucial point to keep in mind is that Agoda is owned by the same company that is owned by, which is Booking Holdings.

Agoda vs

The critical difference that lies between the two hotel booking companies is in their business model. One follows Marchent model, while the other operates their business using the Agency model. One thing Agoda and have in common is that they both charge a hefty amount of commission fees (12%-16%). Furthermore, has everything paid at the hotel, that is, they don’t take any money on their platform. On the other hand, Agoda has both models working with them, that is payment at hotel and payment at their portal.

Agoda vs has a login for a corporate client. Agoda has a login for agents. Vice-versa is also there, but the primary rate parity is in these lines. That means you can use both services to plan your trip this summer with your family.

Agoda vs The Verdict!

Overall it can be said there are more similarities in the two companies than differences. In spite of that, some people find Agoda quite handy whereas some like the Priceline of the Therefore, if you are wondering which one to trust in this battle of Agoda vs, then I suggest you open both platforms and see which service can offer you a cheaper package for your next trip.

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